ISCT Institute of Training and Development Training Programs

Why Learn From Us?

Our programs are accredited by the highest international professional accreditation bodies (i.e. ANSI, EBAH, and ACCME) to ensure the portability of skills gained. We use a multi-faceted training approach design with the goal to onboard and guide the career development of all learners.

Benefits of Our Courses:

  • On-demand courses offer learners ultimate convenience and flexibility.
  • Hands-on lab training to maximize confidence in critical skillset.
  • Claim up to 100% of your annual CE with course certifications.
  • Grow your professional network through in-person and live virtual discussions with global cell and gene therapy experts.

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Clinical Cell Therapy Leadership Training Program

An intensive scholarship program combining training and mentoring from global elite cell and gene therapy subject-matter-experts to develop the next leaders in the cell and gene therapy field.

Cell Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases: MSCs for Clinical Applications Course

Designed for clinicians, researchers, and pharmacists looking to advance their knowledge in the clinical applications of using Mesenchymal Stem Cells for treating autoimmune diseases.

Master's Degree in European Manufacturing of ATMPs 

A Master's/Specialized degree scholarship program for European professionals pursuing a career in the manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products for human use.

Cell Product Handling & Regulatory 101

Developed for professionals new to the cell and gene therapy field to learn the fundamentals of cell collection, processing, storage, quality control, distribution, and regulatory requirements.

Essentials of Cell Therapy Product Manufacturing, Qualification, and Validation

A concise overview for professionals looking to learn the essentials of cell product development, qualification, validation, stability, and regulatory submissions.

The Principles and Applications of Cell Therapy Biomanufacturing, Characterization, and Regulatory 

Developed for professionals seeking a thorough understanding of the theoretical and applications of cell therapy bioprocessing, biomanufacturing, global standards and regulatory framework.

Hands-on Laboratory Bootcamp for Cell Therapy Biomanufacturing

Designed to provide experiential, hands-on lab training to enhance the competencies of individuals seeking to work in GLP and GMP labs.

Hands-on Methods and Analytical Processes for Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing

Designed to advance your knowledge in establishing translational processes and competencies in foundational methods and analytical workflow.

European Advanced Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Regulatory

This course is designed to provide learners with an overview of the European processes and regulatory requirements for developing ATMPs for human use.

The Implementation of Cell Counting Standards

Developed by Subject Matter Experts who created the ISO Cell Counting Standards. This course is designed to teach you how to implement ISO Cell Counting Standards, including the use of consensus standards in the regulatory process, to improve the quality and comparability of your cell counting process.

Early-Stage Professional Mentoring Program

Offers graduates and early-professionals a personalized mentoring program with Cell and Gene Therapy experts to grow their professional network and establish their career path.

Early-Stage Professional Leadership Development Program

The ESP Leadership Development Program is designed to develop CGT professionals leadership skills.